Downtown Historic

Downtown Historic


Business Summary

In the Heart of Downtown, Albuquerque New Mexico resides one of the cutest and most eloquent mini resorts the city has to offer. Downtown Historic is a family owned and operated bed and breakfast in the heart of the city. They have five historic homes, for guests, and a large backyard for small events such as weddings and corporate retreats. They have been in operation for 10+ years and have always tried to stay on top of social trends and up and coming technology to market their business.

When first meeting with them, because of a limited budget we decide to use social media to hyper-focus on client retention, and using it to build strong bonds with those who’ve stayed, and visited the establishment.



In order to build a strong sense of brand retention with current guests, and event attendees we decide to focus on Facebook because the majority of their clients spend time on that platform, and then to shift and focus on building, and utilizing their email list to keep local, and national guest engaged. Our goals and objectives can be summarized by the following:

  • Build Email List.

  • Increase email open, and CTR Rate.

  • Increase fan base on Facebook and engagement rate.


Below you can see both the fan growth and the engagement growth for Downtown Historic's Facebook page. We were able to grow their fan base by 20% and increase their engagement by 1,679%. While managing their email strategy we were able to establish a more solid open rate of 28% and a CTR of 4%

DH - Fan Engagement.png
DH - Fan Growth.png



Evan Deery