Goddess INK



Business Summary

       Goddess Ink began as a dream to bring high-quality woman and Goddess-centered works into being. They began with print books, and now our offerings encompass online classes, tours, events, e-books, and audiobooks.        Goddess Ink is a sustainable creative company that produces events, publications, and classes focused on providing connections to the divine feminine, women's spirituality, and Goddess studies. 



Our plan for Goddess Ink was to bring traffic to their website and their content. In order to achieve this goal, we created a plan to run paid ads promoting their poems. We wanted to create a lot of engagement on the posts so that we could extend our reach organically.  

  • Create a sales funnel.

  • Increase email open, and CTR Rate.

  • Increase traffic and engagement rate.


Below you can see both the fan growth and the engagement growth for Goddess Ink's page. We were able to grow their fan base by 7.8% and increase their engagement by 1,065.7%. While managing their email strategy we were able to establish a more solid open rate of 28% and a CTR of 4%

Facebook Engagement Metric.png
Facebook Fan Growth .png

FUNNEL Metrics

  • Optin Rate 20%
  • Cost Per Email Address $0.65
Evan Deery