Entrepreneurship: Life Style and Work Style

Naturally I’m hard worker -

And my wife would claim, this is one of my greatest strengths, and most fatal flaws. When I was 13 I got my first real job busing tables at a pizza parlor. Before that my brother, and I made money a variety of ways — such as selling pecan pies to neighbors in the winter, and doing lawn work in the summer. The ability to work hard towards something, and reap its rewards has always been one of the greatest drives in my life, I love building; whether its cultivating a stronger relationship with my wife, fostering career skills, or planning out a business. All those things take hard work, and hard work is easy to recognize, but difficult to practice.

A Life Style -

Has developed around the idea of being an entrepreneur. There is a coolness that follows the words, “I’m an entrepreneur,” much like the iconic statement made by the fictional British Spy: “the names Bond, James Bond.” It seems so many want to be the next Mark Zuckerberg, or Tony Hsieh, without realizing that calling yourself an entrepreneur, and having a semi cool idea doesn’t mean shit without hard work. Too many people are fascinated with the sexy life style which seems to be directly correlated with being an entrepreneur, and running your own business. According to Forbes9 out of ever 10 start ups will fail. Running a business is hard work, and not a stylish walk in the park. No matter how many seminars you take, books you read, or videos you watch, you can never be fully prepared for entrepreneurship.

A Work Style -

Is something you develop and cultivated over time. I’m constantly changing how I work, how many breaks I take, the atmosphere around me. When you work for yourself it’s easy to get thrown into a million different directions, trying to do a thousand different things; because working yourself to death, its what entrepreneurship is all about, right? Wrong. It’s important to note the more busy you are doesn’t mean the more protective you are. In fact doing more things at at once can make you less productive; busyness actually slows you down. Entrepreneurs, have to realize a work style of constantly being busy, just to be busy doesn’t come with some badge of honor — its actually harmful. Making time to spend with your friends and family doesn’t make you lazy, or less entrepreneurial, it just makes you more human.

Entrepreneurship won’t wait -

For you, if you have a passion of exploration and adventure you can start today. You don’t need a ground breaking idea to run a business, you need a single idea — any idea, and a drive. Once you have those two things the rest will slowly follow; so why not start today? You don’t need to be innovative to change the world, you just need passion; true innovation is born from passion.

Who Am I to Say.

My name is Jacob Alan Grant. What gives me authority to write about this?Nothing. I love small businesses owners, and have grown up in the small business world, watching my parents develop their Bed & Breakfast(s) and other small business endeavors. I’ve also started my own business calledRevere Social, which manages social media accounts for small businesses in Albuquerque, NM. I just want to start writing more, and this seems like a great medium (pun intended) to exercise my writing.

Am I an Entrepreneur? Sure, although I believe Life Long Student is a better title, I’m constantly learning by watching and talking with other people.


Thanks for Reading