Listen — Pivot


My wife, Kayleigh is an extremely creative, and talented individual, of course I’m very bias; but ask anyone and they’ll verify what I’m saying. One thing she is incredibly talented at is selling. Jewish blood runs strong through her veins and she could probably sell a Prius to a Farmer. One specific characteristic of Kayleigh that I believe makes her so incredible when it comes to selling is the fact she listens. By listening she is focusing on solving a problem vs. selling an item. Understanding the person and the environment around. This provides her with information to solve problems/sell in an effective way.

Summer of 2k12.

When Kayleigh was about 16, she worked at a summer camp in Tulsa, OK. Her job was running the camp gift shop. Campers could spend money at the camps general store buying things such as candy, toy guns, and a assortment of other nic-nacs. One of them being clip-in braids for girls. From my understanding these braids were cheap, and most of the girls didn’t find interest in buying them. Problem was, the camps general store had bought tons of these little things, in hope that girls would love them — but the girls for some reason didn’t.

Dilemma Provides Opportunity.

Being a staff member at camp provided Kayleigh the advantage of being able to observe the kids. She learned what was popular with kids ages 6–12, and more specifically what was popular with boys at that time. She soon learned (as it shouldn’t surprise anyone) almost every single boy at camp that year, and every preceding year was into… STAR WARS! Growing up with a brother who was less of an enthusiast, and more of aficionado when it came to the fictional world of Star Wars, Kayleigh was no foreigner on the subject of Jedi, The Force, Stormtroopers, and more importantly…Padawan's.


The camps general store came to the conclusion that they weren’t going to sell any of the clip-in braids to girls and they should just replace the braids with another type of merchandise. This was until Kayleigh decided try her luck at selling a braid to one of the boys who came into the store. She told him the braids were just like what the Padawan's worn in the Star Wars movies. With bright eyes, and a braid clipped in his hair he ran out of the store to tell his friends. Kayleigh had started a chain reaction; soon every boy at camp had a clip-in braid in their hair to go with the toy lightsabers they brought to camp. All because of a pivot, the camp store was not able to keep the clip-in braid selves stocked.

INSANITY: Repeating and Expecting Different Results.

I have a tendency to unconsciously practice insanity. I’ll try something over and over, expecting a different result; I think part of me just doesn’t want to be wrong. But in many cases I am, and I have to learn how to look at things with a different perspective. Listening to the environment around me and knowing where to Pivot is importantWhen it comes to learning how to run a business and work with clients understanding how to listen, and pivot based on the facts given to you not based on the facts you want to hear is vital. When it comes to marketing it’s important to understand the concept of listening to those your marketing to and adjust based on what you hear or observe. You never know when you can take an unsellable clip-in braid and turn it into fashionable padawan pony tail.

Thank you for reading.