Social Media — A Community


In the spring of 2004 Facebook was created, a platform designed to take the college experience online. 4 years later in 2008, Facebook began an exponential monthly growth of 178%, and now has 1.5 billion daily active users. Facebook is one of many social media platforms that allows us to disconnect from the physical world, and immerse ourselves in a more vast digital world. Social media is a short cut to socializing; a short cut that consumes more time than necessary. But a short cut none the less, because of this we have become detached from the more tangible aspects of human relationships, and communication. Research conducted by Informate Mobile Intelligence found that people check their social media about 17 times a day, and that’s just on smart phones. This means at least once every hour we are checking out of the physical world to connected with the online world. Through social media the world has become more expansive, but humanity seems to be less in-tune with the person sitting next to them.


Facebook started gaining real momentum in 2008 (as previously stated), what did this mean? In simple terms, it meant a world more informed. Humans would now have access to countless information. For example: is she single, what type of car does he drive, what is their political and religious views, or “look Johnny won his basket ball game this weekend.” We can no everything we need to know about our friends without leaving home. But one of the most profound things social media has enabled us to do is socialize with entities, non-profits, businesses, and corporations. Social media as made us more connect, but just in a different way than what has been normal for thousands of years. Despite the slight disconnect our world has developed, a connection between individual and entity has evolved. Businesses, and organizations can now engage within the communities they operate in, making the world not just more connected on a person to person bases, but also on a B2B, and B2C bases.

More Than Brick & Mortar

Nothing I’ve said is new or ground breaking news. Anyone who has done content marketing, social media marketing, or hasn’t lived under a rock for the past 8 years knows, and understands what I’m talking about. Very much like when businesses started to realize that having a website was a must to staying relevant the same thing is beginning to happen with sites such as Facebook. However, the thing I believe most people don’t realize is the fact that social media marketing isn’t just something you have to do, it’s an opportunity to be better at what you do. Social media makes any business, organization, or corporation more than just a Brick & Mortar building, or Wordpress site — social media creates a community and culture around a brand, it develops a digital tangibility people can engage with on a daily basis. For small businesses, that don’t have access to large marketing, and research budgets, it means the ability to reach and interact with prospective, and current clients. Understanding the community talking about your business and industry is one of the most important things you can do right if you have a brand (so that means everyone).

INTEGRITY: The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.

I believe Integrity is one of the most important things an individual can have, it means foundation, it means being true to ones self. The business world is full of people without integrity who are just looking to make money, and not provide value in the world. Social media is a great way to provide value and give back to your those within the community of your business.

Thank you for reading.